Escape From Goshen
A reimagining of the Old Testament for Young Readers

ESCAPE FROM GOSHEN took a lot of research to write. Here are a few of the most interesting articles I used:

Biblical plagues really happened, say scientists
This article is from a London newspaper, detailing the scientific background to a National Geographic special about the Ten Plagues.
A Skeptic's Guide to Passover
SLATE, April 2009
SLATE is an online magazine. This article describes research done by a Florida State University oceanographer.  He theorized that a "common phenomenon" called "wind set-down effect" might have caused a ridge at the bottom of the Red Sea, usually under water, to have been exposed.

Moses' Red Sea Parting Explained by Computer Model
DISCOVERY.COM, September 2010
This article also says that some sort of wind effect exposed mud flats normally below the water line - but adds that this couldn't have happened at the Red Sea. Others have said that the Crossing must have taken place at the Sea of Reeds, not the Red Sea, but not too many people are sure where that is. Luckily, I read a book by one of the few people who is pretty sure he found it.
This book is by a Cambridge University physicist who looked at old trade routes between Egypt and Midian in Arabia, examined the Bible text very carefully, and actually paid a visit to a spot on the Red Sea (which is filled with salt water) where freshwater reeds grow. His book has a lot of maps showing the probable routes of the Exodus and how the Israelites were cut off by Pharaoh's army, and he also has very convincing theories about the pillar of smoke and the pillar of fire.
This is the translation of the Bible that I used while I was writing ESCAPE FROM GOSHEN. It's called the New International Version.  The website is very well organized and the text provides links to interesting commentary.
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